Burn the Rope Worlds

Burn the Rope Worlds 1.0.6

Play with fire daily


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Daily puzzles


  • Awkward with tablets


Burn the Rope Worlds is a gyroscopic puzzle game that uses fire to burn as much rope as possible.

Featuring different themed worlds, Burn the Rope Worlds offers more of the addicting Burn the Rope gameplay. Players will have to move their Android device to ensure the flame is always travelling vertically and burn as much rope as possible to pass levels.

Also featuring different level mechanics in the form of bugs, players have to use bugs to change the color of the flame or affect the level in different ways. With 100 levels in the game, Burn the Rope Worlds also adds a daily puzzle and a new Endless burn mode.

The fun visuals of the game keep the experience interesting, and having to physically move the device constantly adds to the difficulty. While Burn the Rope Worlds is supported for tablets, it does make the experience a little more awkward because of the larger size of the device.

Burn the Rope Worlds’ gameplay is different, but fun, and great for fans of the puzzle genre.

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Burn the Rope Worlds


Burn the Rope Worlds 1.0.6

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